Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beginning a Journey

After graduating from "Bible College" I found my life at a stall. I no longer wanted to pursue a life in vocational ministry. I did not want to spend the next four years of my life studying dead languages and reading the same scholarly journals as every other Masters of Divinity student must do as they chase after their calling. Rather the childish glimmer in my heart for Christianity had faded into a dull glow, but my passion to understand God was stronger than I had given myself credit.
At first, I assumed that this was me losing my faith, stepping away from the stories that had been lovingly told me as a child and entering the world as a harsh atheistic battering ram. Why an atheist? I am a man of extremes, it is one side or the other so I naturally assumed dissociation meant association with the opposite. But slowly I realized, mostly through the awful mood I was in the entire time, that I was indeed not an atheist but had a burning desire to understand God through the various lenses our human cultures provide. Suddenly dissatisfied with the stories of my youth, and because I had seen only one part of the grand tapestry that constructs our understanding of God, I decided to start at the beginning and travel the paths again.


  1. Interesting idea. I will read this in the future when I have time to read it all.

  2. Followed. This blog will go into my "actually interesting blogs" folder :)