Thursday, September 9, 2010

First There Was One

At some point in the human story we all got confused about God. The stories we all tell are similar but we tend to cling to the differences and start nasty fights with each other of what color a pew is supposed to be, or whether or not somebody should be baptized and if they are how it is to be done. But before these despites there must have been much greater, one that divided our understanding of God and blocked our willingness to listen to one another about the divine.

Well I wanted to look for myself, a normal person reading the two great books that seem to divide the world more than the followers of their respective texts would want. Each book speaks of charity and sacrifice. They speak of patience and conversion. They speak of exclusivity and racism as well. But these passages seem outside of the "good" moral intent for which each book was written. Words of division are so interesting in these holy books, words to separate those who are inside and outside, typical religious language designed by the authors. Perhaps they are from God or alternately they could be the authors personal agenda bleeding in to an otherwise "holy" text. I hope earnestly for the latter, for the former would indicate that our creator has some sort of evolving morality that could prove troublesome for us some time in the future when God decides to be rid of us.

So the plan is:
1 Year
1 Bible
1 Qur'an
1 Person
1 Entry a Day

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I will be as faithful as possible in my reading and reflection here. Also thank you to the friend that inspired this by shouting at every ignorance, "Have you read the Qur'an? Do you even know a Muslim?" After this I'll be able to say yes to each.


  1. This idea is FANTASTIC!! I cannot wait to hear more. You really need to guard this idea because especially as you get more and more educated and have more "weight" behind you, this could very well be publishable. Seriously especially with how at odds these brother religions are!

  2. This makes me so excited. God has been putting a love for Muslims in me lately, and making me REALLY angry about the hatred between Christians and Muslims...FOLLOWING THIS!!!

  3. You've inspired me! I may take the same journey in November or so.