Thursday, October 14, 2010

How To Make God Happy: A Primer

     No matter how many times I read the Bible it has always astounded me the level of commitment that the authors have had to bringing people together, and that is respectable.  Now in the Qur'an I see the same level of apparent commitment to community and the like, also respectable.  However as Islam as managed to stick to the original format of worship (following the Pillars of Faith) for a long time, Christianity is apparently suffering from some sort of dyslexia, and it is infuriating.
     The things that Christians have decided are important as of late are the opposite of what they profess to believe.  It is almost as if the Bible was designed to show Christians how not to act.  Yet we all scream at each other "Go to Church every Sunday!" and condemn those who do not.  Why?  The simple answer is, "Well the Bible says that the church....blah,blah,blah vomit."  Listen, I appreciate that old worn out line as much as the next person but it has no value anymore.  There are "new" perspectives, but they are really old ideas wrapped in new paper.
     Even the concept of giving has been screwed up in the Church.  How many Billions of dollars are Christians going to corporately waste on new tech, buildings and missions trips when people are dying in their cities while they sleep.  How is it that a Church that brings in 100 million a year is applauded for donating 1 million to various caused.  But it is not worth praising someone for throwing their leftovers to a beggar on the street.  Every time this conversation starts up people begin defending the churches and saying, "You have no idea what it takes to run a church!" talk to me after you've had some ministry experience.  I will bet my life that the first elders knew LESS than I did and they preformed their duties admirably.  
     I told my Ethics class a the beginning of the quarter that they are allowed to believe whatever they wish.  The only requirement in the class is that you defend your reasoning.  I also told them that if they could not do that they were stupid.  This is harsh but completely in line with reality.  But in the Christian world defending ones position is no longer in vogue, rather it is easier to shun those with questions and condemn them as they leave saying, "If they would only listen to sad."  In what field of reasoning does everyone take, "God told me so" or "Just listen to God" as an acceptable, well-thought, logical response to everything.  NONE! Even the greatest Christian thinkers dove deep to consider the logical reasons for the statements in the Bible, and would not be satisfied until they were found.
    However, today we are inundated with the gospel of "Contrast" being separated from the world.  Wear these clothes! Watch these shows!  Listen to this music! Pray when you get sick! In fact the culture of the Church in America is designed to keep everyone but the most acceptable members out.  The easy way to find out what God wants it to look at society and do the opposite.  Look like a freak and then feel self righteous about it.  And anyone that tells you to change is going to hell, good!   All I'm saying is that apparently the way to make God happy today isn't to think, question or guess about purpose of scripture and His commands.  To make God happy all you need to do is act like an idiot so everyone around you stares.


  1. I think that some of the contradictions that Christians fight over in the Bible can be explained by the fact that the Bible has many authors, whereas the Qua'ran has only Muhammad.

    Personally I focus on the teachings of Jesus as the ultimate authority in the Bible. Any scripture that doesn't align with his teachings is worthy of pondering, but ultimately moot.

  2. Meh I'm sure god doesn't need us to be happy